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Equipment & Uniforms

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Each new employee will be issued the listed uniform items documented below. Uniforms may differ within the company based on the position for which you have been hired.


Uniforms are provided at no cost to you. Uniforms are considered company property. Upon issuance, uniforms become the responsibility of the employee but owned by Copenhagen 1801 Ltd.


You agree that, as an employee of Copenhagen 1801 Ltd , you will wear the designated uniform declared here and represent the company brand by upholding a professional image. A professional image includes the following: Personal hygiene, particularly when in direct contact with customers. Jewellery must be kept to a minimum, hair must be kept neat and tidy and no extreme hairstyles are permitted, furthermore, visibility of any body piercing or tattoos should be kept to a minimum and should not be offensive.


By signing, you agree to the following policy regarding uniforms:


  • Uniforms will be kept neat, clean and in good condition at all times.


  • Employees are responsible for the proper maintenance, laundering and care of these items. This includes laundering the uniform regularly.


  • If the uniform needs to be replaced owing to normal wear and tear, the company will replace it at no expense to the employee.


  • If anything outside of normal wear and tear results in the need for a replacement, the replacement will be at the employee’s expense. Additionally, excessive damage to or loss of company uniforms may result in disciplinary action. Payroll deductions may be arranged to cover replacement cost.


  • If an employee would like additional uniforms issued, please bring this to the attention of your Venue Manager


  • During the course of employment, all uniforms will remain the property of Copenhagen 1801 Ltd


  • Upon termination of employment, or upon management request, uniforms are expected to be returned in a reasonable state and in their entirety.


  • If the employee does not return the complete set, Copenhagen 1801 Ltd reserves the right to withhold a portion of the employee’s final pay. Failure to adhere to any of the guidelines or the policy listed above will be followed by disciplinary action and possible termination of employment.


  • If employees have questions regarding this policy or its implementation, they should contact their venue manager.

List of Items to be issued.

  1. T-shirt with venue branding


  1. Till Fob & Lanyard
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